Our Crew

Tears Of My Enemy may have been born out of frustration of the clique's of the industry, but behind the scenes it's been made from 100% passion and love.
The idea was a brain child of this overgrown infant, Al:
But nothing was ever created alone.. once the concept was born, his brother from another mother came on board who helped with the branding and naming of the flavours.  Enter, Craig:
Look at that flash git.  Like a 90's Armani model, behave yourself son.
After a brief hiatus, the brands come back stronger than ever with it's new crew, internally dubbed as "El Presidente" - a true champion of advocacy within the vape industry, Lex:
Backed by the finest manufacturers in Europe, Tears Of My Enemy flavours are all day vape's designed for ultimate flavour as coil friendly as possible.